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  • Easier document modifications. Modify a document sent out for signing without having to tag a signer
  • Strike-through. Cross out information from a contract with an easy to use line.
  • Multi-person tagging. ┬áDrag tags for all signers at the same time.
  • Select Data Font and Size - Set your font and size for all data entered into your signing session.
  • In-Person Signing - Seamless integration for easier signing while in the presence of your clients
  • Signer Tour - Your clients will have a guided tour through each piece of data added to the contract, and each required signing location
  • Signer Progress Bar - A progress bar helps your signers understand how far along in the signing process they are.
  • Password - Set a password for each of your signers to increase security.
  • Drag and Drop - Easily drag documents and tags into the signing session.
  • Mobile Friendly - Signing session creation has been optimized for tablets.
  • Auto-Save - Signing sessions are auto-saved during tagging to avoid losing any work!

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