Sending Transaction File to Lawyer


Agents/Admins can send documents to lawyers within the Unity platform. Lawyers will receive documents and notes to their platform allowing for smoother and timely processing of transactions.

After creating a transaction, you can send information directly to their system from NexOne. Here are the steps to successfully send documents and sale information to your designated lawyer.


  1. Create your transaction

  2. Select your lawyer from the dropdown list after entering their name and click ‘'Add’'

Please note as we are getting data from Unity, an orange loading icon may appear in the search box.


3. Once your transaction is ready and your documents have been added to your EDM,

  • Select Send Documents by Email or Send All Documents by Email


  • Select the Lawyer / Add Note if desired/ Select the Documents to include in the email


  • Once the fields have been completed, click “Send”

  • A confirmation message will appear “The referral and email were sent