Unity FAQ

With this integration in place, our users gain access to a comprehensive lawyer database, and a team solely dedicated to maintaining the accuracy of the lawyer contact information. This will reduce errors in sending documents to an incorrect/dated address.
If the lawyer that you work with is a Unity user, transactional data and documents are transferred to their Unity account, allowing for smoother and timely processing of transactions.

This feature will be enabled for all* brokerage members including offices, following the same permissions as the current process to send documents to lawyers by email.

*This is only available for NexOne Legacy platform at the moment and Provinces outside of Quebec and British Columbia

The Unity solicitor/law firm database is a complete database of contact information for lawyers and law firms across Canada (with the exception of BC, Quebec and PEI). Please see this page for more information regarding our crowdsourced databases in Unity:

Unity Crowdsource Data

Information is updated as they receive it with a team reviewing and validating requests in real time.

We understand the nature of changes, and why it was important that the sending of documents to lawyers follows through the same steps as sending documents by email.

Here are the steps on how to Send Documents to Lawyers:

Transaction data including property, client and total commissions information. The notes and documents are also included in the package sent to Unity where the Lawyer can accept the file.

An email will be sent to the address of the lawyer including notes and documents regardless of whether they are a Unity customer or not.

Any new lawyer request or update to lawyer information can be sent directly to


The steps your brokerage members take to Send by Fax remain the same. Once you add a lawyer to the Contacts section, if the lawyer has a Fax #, they will appear in the list of recipients.

This has not been integrated to Unity, but the behavior will remain the same.

Please send all feedback with the subject heading "Unity Integration Feedback" to support@nexone.ca or give us a call 1.877.699.0225.