Steps to take to activate & set up a Realtors Profile

Once you have clicked on ‘Activate Agent’ Link in the Agents profile:

You will need to complete the following fields:


2. Modify agent access Select the appropriate file access for your agent to access files and documents


Once the Agent has an Active Profile, please ensure the package is set to EDM in order to access the documents section.


If the Package says “Free”, please email us at for us to update this right away for you.


3. To ensure your Agent is able to upload documents, the Agent profile needs to have a Scanner selected.

You as the Administrator can edit this for the Realtor or you are able to guide them do complete this section themselves:

-Click on the preferences as shown below:



3. Now you are in the Scanner List. Click on ‘Edit’. now you can enter the Scanner Name and Configuration for as many scanners as you may have.

The important notice on the right hand side lists scanner titles to insert into your list.