Required Documents: Listing/Client/Transaction


Step 1: Log in to the Brokerage Main HUB Account.

Step 2: Click on PROFILE

Step 3: Click on Preferences

Step 4: Click on Required Documents

Step 5: Click on one of of Tabs (Listing / Client / Transactions) that you would like to Edit

For example purposes, the Transactions Tab is selected

Step 6: You can either do a CTRL F to search the documents or scroll through the documents list

Once you have found the document - you can adjust the Required to “YES, NO, MAYBE”

Here, you are able to also select YES or NO for the Side and YES or NO to link to a client file.

*You have the ability to set up a rule for the document by clicking on the “wrench” icon

Step 7: Once you are done in the document section, click on Save at the bottom of the page.

Step 8 : click on BACK

If you have more the one Branch in your Brokerage, you now have to apply this update to the Branches.

Step 9: Click on Profile

Step 10: Click on Copy Preferences to Branches

Here, You can select which office you would like the updated required documents to apply in.

Please make sure you place a checkmark beside the required document group that you want to apply in the branches on the left hand side and then select the branches.


Step 11: Click on Save.