All About an Employees Profile using your main Brokerages HUB Profile


You have two selections available ACTIVE or CANCELLED.

If an Employee has left your Brokerage or an Employee profile no longer needs the status Active, please email to have an Employee Profile updated to the status Cancelled.

Email (Username)

An email address to log into a profile.

If an Employee profile is going to have NexOne Sign Enabled, please ensure this email address is a valid email address (Document from NexOne Sign uses this email address)



When adding an Employee Profile, Usually this defaults to your Brokerages Main Office (Note: this Office ID is not the Office that the Employee will have access to)

If you do choose to select,for example, “Branch 1” out of a dropdown list, you will see the Address Book for Agents and Employees only from 'Branch 1’

If you choose the main Brokerage Office, the Employee will see the address book for All Agents and All Employees for the entire Brokerage.

Note: the Address Book for Employees and Agents is beneficial since it does show the email addresses.


Virtual Fax

You can enter a Virtual Fax Number if the Brokerage has a Virtual Fax Number Activated/Registered.

Please make sure that your Username Email address has been configured by your virtual fax provider. If this configuration is not completed, your faxes will not be sent out and will not reach the intended destination


Notification Email

This email is used for the “Reply-To' for all ‘Follow-up’ Messages.


Transaction Approval

If the Brokerage has the Approval Process in place, you are able to check the boxes that are best suited for the Employee.


Team Assistant

If the Employee is being set up to work for a Team only, you must check this box..

If this box is Checked off, Team Assistants, for the time being, do not have authority to have NexOne Sign (E-Sign) active on the Employee’s Profile


Additional Recipient

This Checkbox is for Nexone Sign (E-Sign). This Feature only works if you have more than one Employee Profile with Additional recipients checked off.

What happens when signing sessions are created? It will auto-populate employee emails to include in the list automatically so you do not have to manually enter the employee (signer) manually.


The example below displays Employee's Emails if more than one is checked off:


Can Create a Survey

Enables the ability to send out surveys to both Seller and Buyer clients.


Can Send Files to Trash

Enables the ability for the Employee to be able to delete Listings or Transactions that will send to Trash.


Can Lock Commission

Enable the ability for the Employee to Lock Commissions in Transactions, so agents are not able to revise their own commissions without notifying the Employee


View Access

Giving access to the employee for branches and or offices as well as what access they have to those branches or offices.

When you click on View Access, select Edit and Click on Add Branch. This is what will appear