Edit Document's Name, Type and Security Level 2.0

Whether you are in a Transaction, Listing or Buyer's Agreement file, the process of Editing a file remains the same. In this case, we'll be using a Transaction as a demonstration.

1. In your Transaction tab, select the Transaction address.


2. Select the Documents option to your right hand side.


Edit Document's Information


1. In the Document section of your Transaction, click on the Edit icon on the document's left hand side.


2. In the Document Name area, you can Modify your document's title. Then, click Save

Your document name should not be too long and it should not contain symbols either, otherwise, that document will not be available for signing sessions. 


3. In the Document Type area, you will be able to select from the drop-down menu your Document Type according to your file

If you do not set or if you set the wrong document type, you may not be able to find your document, depending on the rules set by your office beforehand.


4. In the Document's Security Level area, you will be able to select from the drop-down menu your Document's Security Level according to the brokerage agents and personnel that are part of the Transaction you are working on