Setting up a Team & Team Assistant

For agents that work in a team with an assistant, creating a team allows the assistant to have access to the agent files.

Only the assistant can view the agent’s files. Agent’s cannot see each others, unless they are involved in the transaction


  • Note that only who has access to the Main HUB/Office Profile will have the “teams button” , and only the HUB will be able to give access to an employee profile to create a team.

Creating your Team

  1. Click on Teams



  2. Click Add



  3. Fill out the team name, set status to active. After finding your agent, click on add



Setup Team Assistant

  1. Click on Employees



  2. Click on the Employee profile



  3. Toggle on Team Assistant




  4. Go back to the Previous Screen and click on Access



  5. Click Edit



  6. In the drop down fields, select the Team to add the assistant. Then set their access levels and hit save.



The team assistant will now be able to manage the team member files.