Pushing Data to kvCORE

As part of the integration with kvCORE, you are able to associate the NexOne Transaction to a Client in kvCORE. You can also create a new Client record in kvCORE from NexOne. This article will help you guide you in doing both.

At the moment, only transactions can be synced to kvCORE

Creating/Updating a Transaction in kvCORE

Once your transaction has been created, you are now able to sync the transaction to kvCORE.

Only Transactions with status = Accepted, Conditional, Firm / Closing can be pushed to kvCORE

  1. Click on Push to kvCORE


  2. A new window will appear displaying the current clients from your NexOne transaction.


If the displayed clients exists in kvCORE, clicking on the clients name will create a transaction and associate that with the client.

If the displayed client does not exist in kvCORE, clicking on the clients name will create both the client & transaction, and associate them together.

3. To associate the NexOne transaction to a client that exists in kvCORE, use the Search bar to find the client, and click Sync

4. Lastly, you can create a transaction in kvCORE without associating it to a client. Click on Sync without associating a client.



Creating/Updating a Client Record

There are 2 ways to create a client record in kvCORE from NexOne.

Option 1: Create the client in NexOne, then click on Push to kvCORE. Clicking on the displayed clients will create a new client record in kvCORE

Option 2: Click on Push to kvCORE. Click on Add new kvCORE client

Another pop-up will appear allowing you to fill out the new clients details. Then click Create Client and Sync.

Option 2 will create a client record in both NexOne and kvCore


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