Working Zone & Main Section

Here is an article explaining the difference between the working zone and the main zone in NexOne Legacy.

The Working Zone

The working zone is the section where the documents that are not yet ready for the agency are kept.

It is also the documents that the agency does not want in the main section. The administrators are able to move a document from the main section to the working zone by selecting the down arrow.

Once the document has been moved down by the administrator, the agent cannot resubmit the document to the main section.

The Main Section

The main section is where you will find all documents that are ready to be validated as well as documents that have already been validated. In the main section, you will find the documents that are required and important for the agency.

When an Agent is Uploading a Document

  1. The agent uploads the document and it goes directly to the working section.

  2. When the document is ready to be validated by the agency, the agent uses the submit button to move the document from the working zone to the main section.

  3. Once the document is in the main section, a red flag will appear next to the document notifying the administrator to validate the document.

  4. Once the document has been validated, the red flag disappears.

When an Employee is Uploading a Document

  1. The administrator uploads the document and it goes directly to the main section. A red flag will automatically appear next to the document.

  2. The administration then validates the document and the red flag disappears.