NexOne Agent is Transforming

We are pleased to announce that NexOne is undergoing a transformation. In just a short time, you'll get to experience a brand new look and feel, modernizing your interface without encountering changes to the functionalities.

Why did we decide to make this change? Our developers wanted to bring the user experience and interface in line with modern design whilst uniting all products under one umbrella. Our sleek transformation is subtle yet refined.

We’re keeping the new design close to the chest for the time being, however, stay tuned for more spoilers over the next few days!

If you have any questions that may concern you about our new interface please refer to the FAQ section before calling our support team. 




No. Only the colors and icons have changed but everything else remains the same. 

No. Your information will not be deleted. The facelift doesn’t affect the data itself.

No functionality has changed. 

No. Only the latest version will be available to all. 

 No additional fees will be added.  

Contact our support team by phone or email. | 1-877-699-0255