Custom Forms

With custom forms, you and your agents have the ability to access personalized brokerage forms within the NexOne Forms Library.



Brokerage-specific forms, such as:

  • lockbox forms

  • service menu for clients

  • checklist and activity sheets to organize your agents

  • and more…


Yes, as there are development resources for coding and building an editable version of the form. For pricing, please email with the following details.

  • Number of pages

  • Number of documents to create

Custom Forms can only be created for brokerages. All users attached to that brokerage with have access to these forms.


Once the payment has been processed, our form creation team can start to build. When that is complete, our quality assurance team ensures that the form was built according to reference, and a final review is applied by your brokerage to confirm that it is up to your standards.


Fill out the form below with the subject heading “NexOne Custom Forms Request” and a team member will contact you for additional information.

Interested in creating a custom form?
Contact NexOne Support


Custom Forms for Quebec Users:


Please be advised that only custom forms can be created in Quebec. We are not providing the standard OACIQ forms.

Customizable forms are available for all brokerages / agencies.