1-on-1 Training

Get 1-on-1 training! Share your screen and a phone call with the trainer. You'll be guided through everything from adding a client to completing a counter offer. Execute each step yourself with a trainer to point you in the right direction!

Email support@repree.com requesting training. Or, when choosing or changing a plan you can add personalized, 1-on-1 training.

This 1.5 hour long session will take you through everything you need to know about repree and Ratify by repree. Please see the training outline below. Feel like you don't need some of this information or perhaps there's something else you'd like covered? We can adjust training content to meet your needs!

For a quick review of what we'll be covering please take a look at this 15 minute walkthrough:

15 Minute walkthrough video

Training Outline

1. General description of the walkthrough
2. Logon (Logon Through Board Button if Available)
3. Fill-out Profile
4. Review Tabs: Home, Calendar, Activity, Forms 
5. Add Client (Client Details)
·      Add Contact
·      Copy Contact
·      Additional Fields
·      Delete, Active, Lead, Archive, Other
6. Add Transactions
·      Info (Name/Type/Status/Delete)
·      Trade Record
·      Service Report
·      Submission (if applicable)
7. Add File
·      Search Computer
·      Start Upload
8. Add Document
·      Rename Document
·      Archive Function
9. Launch Forms
·      Select Forms
·      Create 1-2 Templates
·      Fill Forms (Mock Purchase Contract)
·      Form and Preview view
·      Save Editable (Autosave)
·      Save PDF
·      Rename/Delete Form
10. Ratify Documents
·      Review tags
·      Tag and send document for signatures
·      Edit Session
·      Counter-offer
·      Sign Audit
11. Email
12. Submit [if applicable]
13. Trade
14. Support page review