How to fill out forms in NexOne Agent (Step by Step)

  • There are two ways to access Forms:

-Option 1: is to Click on the Forms tab located at the top of your page.

-Option 2: select a client, click on ‘Add Document’ located at the top right side of your screen and click on ‘Launch Forms’


  • You will see a notification displayed by the system either giving you information about board forms or about the system itself.


  • In the form page, you will be able to search for any form through the search bar .



  • In the search bar there is a dropdown list that is prepopulated for faster and easier access to some forms.



  • Once you find the form you’d like in the search bar, click on the form and this will add the forms to the left side column where you can add or remove forms as shown below.



  • Once your forms have been selected, you can click on “Populate” to enter the data information using MLS number or you can continue without data to get a blank form.


  • There are two ways that you can fill out your selected forms.

-Option A: Fill out the main section directly.

-Option B: Fill out the fields located on the left side of the margin. When you push ‘tab’ this will populate over to the main section.

-You can ‘Save Editable Form” which means you can save and edit later, 'Download/Print’ which means you can print to paper and you can save directly into the transaction by selecting “Save PDF to Transaction”

-If you Select “Save Editable Form”, confirm confirm what transaction you would like to form to be saved under and click “Save”.


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