Form Creator- Adding Custom Clauses/Phrase & Tags - For admin

To add custom clauses for your Brokerage in repree, please follow the instructions below

  1. First click on Form Creator. If you do not have this tab, please email

2.  Click on the Clauses And Phrases tab.

3. Click Create New

4. Set a title for your clause/phrase
5. write in your custom clause in the clause section,

6. Apply a tag to your clause/phrase for ease of search
7. Click Save

For each Clause/Phrase, you can assign tags to make searching for a Clause/Phrase easier. Follow the instructions below on how to create new tags.

  1. Click on the Tags tab

  2. Write in your new tag. Create a tag which is best suited for the clause/phrase you are creating. You can use the same tag for multiple clauses/phrases.

  3. Click "Add Tag" to create your new tag. You can color coordinate your new tags as you see fit.