Accepting an Invitation - Registering a New account or Connect an Existing account

To join your brokerage on repree, first accept the invitation sent via email by clicking the "Join [your brokerage name]" button.

This will take you to a registration page.

New User

As a new user, you will need to register a new account.

  1. For AREA members, click the AREA Members Logon Here button where you will enter your AREA credentials to register an account.

  2. For OREA members, click the OREA Members Register Here button. You will be prompted to enter your OREA credentials, and then taken back to the original registration screen to fill out your registration information.

  3. If you are not part of either association, just fill out the registration form and click Register.

User with an Existing Account

If you already have an account prior to the invitation, click the button, enter your repree login credentials then Logon!