Forms: Filling Out and Previewing

Fill out forms with NexOne Agent's dynamic forms.

1. After selecting the form that you want to populate, Click on the Populate option located to the left of the form search bar.

2. You can either Populate with data, Search for the Property or Continue without Data.

You can populate with data by adding the Listing MLS number or its PIN. Then click on the Populate with Data option.

For Ontario Agents, we have a connection with Geowarehouse powered by Teranet. You can also search for the property by filling in the required fields: Street number, Street name, City, Postal code. Then click on Search for Property.

You can also continue without data by clicking on Continue without Data.

3. After choosing any of the options above, you will be redirected to the Form Filling section.

Fields such as property address will be filled in automatically, depending on the populating option chosen before.

To fill-in the forms, you can write in the blank fields.

Also, to fill-in the forms, you can select the tool on your left, and type the data in those fields. After clicking anywhere else on the form, the changes will be updated.

Previewing Forms

  1. To preview Forms, Click on the “Eye Icon”.

You will then see a preview of the selected form.