How to Use repree's Archive Function to Clean Up Documents

As your documents begin to build up over the course of a transaction, you may find the appearance of unnecessary or older documents to be a bit on the messy side. However, being able to reference back to these documents might be useful at some point. With repree's archive function, organizing your active and inactive documents is a breeze.

You'll notice 'Show Archive' in the upper left-hand corner of your NexOne Agent home page. It's located just below the 'Add Documents' button. For the most part, this will be set to OFF.

  1. By hovering over a document, you'll notice the Info button appears. By clicking on it you are taken into the Signing session Info window if the document(s) have been sent for signing or the Document Info window if the document(s) are still being worked on. 

2. In both cases you will notice the “Archive” option, the same one that was shown at the beginning of this article, switched to OFF. By switching this “Archive” option ON, the document will disappear from your document/session list below Files.

3. Back on your NexOne Agent home page, you may need to see those Archived documents again. Simply switch the “Show Archive” toggle on, and all documents ever associated with that transaction will appear.

To archive multiple files at once, first click the Submit button once you have selected your Client and Transaction.