Edit your Signing Session

1. You can only edit the signing session for clients who haven't completed their signing. In this scenario, there are two clients: Brian and Nelson. Brian has completed his signing but Nelson didn't start signing yet.

2. After having sent your signature request, you are still able to edit your signing session. You can edit signers & documents or tags:

Edit Signers & Documents:

- In this area, you will be able to edit your signer’s information: Add / Remove yourself or your clients as a signer, edit Email address, Routing #, Signer type and Password. You can also click Resend next to your client's email address in order to resend them the signature request.

- Edit your signature request's Subject and Message.

- Edit your documents for signing: Add / remove documents and change documents order.

Then click Tag documents for signatures.

Edit Tags:

- In this area, you will be able to Add / Remove & edit your Tags. Then Click Send.

info: To remove any tag, simply drag and drop them outside of the document.


> In order to check your signing session details, click on the link below:

Sign Audit