Creating a Form Group

Creating groups of forms will help you save time and customize your workflow when using NexOne Agent.


1: First, go to the “Forms” Section.


2: Select the forms that you would like to add to your new group. Simply click the name of the form on the scrollable list to the right. All the forms that you select will appear on the left hand side. To remove one of the selected forms click the X next to the name in the left hand list.

3: When the forms have been selected click the button marked Create/Add to Group.

4: After Selecting this button a new window will appear. From the top bar you will be able to add the name of the new group you will create and see the related forms. You will also have the option to share this group with other users in your org unit.

4.1: If you would like to add these forms to an existing group simple scroll down in the window, select the group name that you would like the forms to be added to and select add to group.


5: After making your selection you will be returned to the forms section. To view the groups, select “My Groups” and you will be redirected to your groups section.


6: Once in the groups section you will be able to view your groups and their related forms. You can select the group and edit the forms or choose to populate the which will allow you to begin filling them out!


6.1: If you select “Preset Values” to the right of the form group you will be prompted to fill out the forms. Any information you enter via Preset Values will populate on every subsequent time that you populate from that group. WARNING: If the preset value is selected for a section that is auto-populated from the board or Geowarehouse, the preset value will override the auto-populated data.


Now you are all caught up with how to create form groups in NexOne Agent!