Add, Edit and Submit Activities and Submission Plans.


The activities section of NexOne Agent is a handy tool for communication for your brokerage.

1: Select the “Activities” Section in the menu at the top of your profile.

This will bring to a list with a calendar and all of your current activities and tasks that are open.

2: Select “Add an Activity”

This will bring up a window where you will add your activity


3: Plan your Activity

Here you can add a name for your activity, leave notes for whose involved, add an assignee and a date.

The Activity Planner window

4: Selecting a transaction

Afterwards you’ll be able to select a client and a transaction that client is associated with.


5: Select Reviewers

From here you can assign members of your brokerage you to review these activities and make sure they are completed to your standards.


6: Make your plan and Link

Once the window is open, you will be able to select the client, transaction and parameters of the plans. Once you hit Add Plan your activities and plans have been created!