Back Office Submission Guide for Back Office Staff

When your agents submit documents for review, you can see those documents and/or activities in either the activities tab or the transaction viewer tab.


In the activities section you can search by any filter that suits you best.

A list of incomplete activities will be displayed to the right of the Activity filter.

The activity information can also be displayed by expanding it when clicking on the arrow located to the left of its status.

The transaction, client and reviewer information will be displayed as well as the notes related to the activity, the document that was submitted and some additional features.

By clicking on the PDF file, the document will open up in a new window so it can be reviewed.

In this case, here is an example of the APS that was submitted.

Once the document has been reviewed and you are ready to take action. Click on the “Review option“ right under the activity’s status.

You can either “Accept“ or “Reject“ the document. In this case, as a first reviewer, the document will be accepted.

The activity will still be displayed as incomplete as the second reviewer, in this case myself, had yet to review the document.

Both reviewers will have to accept the document and then save the changes for the next phase.

Once the second reviewer has had a look at the document and has also accepted the latter, the document status will change to completed.

In a situation in which the document is incomplete, hence lacking any information. Instead of accepting it, one would “Reject it“. Adding a reason for its rejection and then clicking on Save.

The agent will have to check your review in the Activities tab, and then re-submit the correct document so you can review it again.

You can also review the activity’s progress in the Transaction Viewer tab. The following is a preview, you can see the steps on how to get there bellow.

Transaction Viewer

The Transaction Viewer tab will show you all the activities that have been submitted to the back office.

You can search those activities based on their status in the trade record by typing the latter in the Status search bar.

You can also search your activities by filters i.e. All fields, Address, Agent name, Transaction name or Client name.

After selecting any filter and using it to broad your search, a list of all transactions linked, in this case, to the agent “Support” will appear.

You will have the option to modify the transaction name by clicking on the pencil icon located right next to the latter.

You’ll be taken directly into any transaction’s trade record when clicking on its name.

You can see the activities that have been submitted for this transaction by pressing on the Activities section.

In this case, an agreement of purchase and sale has been submitted for review.

The green colour to the left of the activity serves to inform that it has been submitted.

The document can be opened directly from the activity section by clicking on the PDF.

You can go through and review the document.

If the document is complete, you can select the green option labelled “Accept“.

If the document is incomplete, you can select the white option labelled “Return“.

You can also add a plan, an activity and even send the documents for signing at this point.