Add, Edit and Submit Activities and Activity Plans

Adding Activities and Activity plans


1. Navigate through the submission section by selecting any of your clients, a transaction and the submit option.

2. To add an activity plan your brokerage has put together for you, click “Add plan to get started.

In this section, the templates that have been created by your office, your board and yourself will be displayed in a table format. In this case no particular templates were available.

3. Add a manual activity by clicking “Add activity“, where you can write in your own activity and any information that is required by your brokerage.

In this section, you will be able to name your activities, add any particular remarks/notes, add a due date, select your reviewers as well as toggling whether this is a required document or not.


Editing Activities and Activity plans


1. To edit your activity, whilst in the Activities tab, click the option next to the pencil icon to the right of each activity called “Edit Acvity“. This will allow you to make changes to the activity details that you need.

The Edit Activity menu will pop up. You will be able to modify the same fields as the ones that are available when creating the activity itself.

Submitting Activities and Activity plans


1. Once the activity is complete and you are ready to submit it to the back office. Select the Activity, which will then be highlighted in green, and then click the “Submit“ button.

Agree to submit the activity when you have successfully added, edited and submitted an activity.

The activity has been submitted succesfully!!