Google Calendar "Add by Url" will not import events


NexOne Agent serves its calendar events over a secure connection. However, google calendar will not import calendar events with https in the url and there is no documented reason. As a result, we must mask our https NexOne Agent url with an http url. Don't worry, the events are still communicated over a secure connection.
  1. Click on "Subscribe to your calendar" from within your NexOne Agent calendar.
  2. Copy your NexOne Agent calendar url.
  3. Visit (This website is a url shortener)
  4. Paste in your NexOne Agent calendar url and click shorten.
  5. Copy the output url and use this url when adding your calendar.
  6. Follow the steps from google on how to add your url.

A couple of notes regarding Google Calendar. Although we set a frequency for importing events, Google Calendar has its own algorithm for importing events. As a result, it can take some time to import all your events on an ongoing basis.

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