Communicating and tracking in a folder

NexOne Legacy offers ways to its users to communicate within a folder and do some follow-ups regarding the sent communications, as well as other events.

To access these functions, follow the next steps:

  1. Select a folder and open it


  2. Click on Documents & Follow-up


  3. Go to the Follow-up tab


    Under this tab;

    • you can see automatic messages from the system about events (information about who received the notifications is also included)


    • You can send a message directed at different people involved in the folder and they will, as well, display in the section



The History tab also exists and it provides information about documents.

Information such as who added the document and when, who last modified it and when, who validated it and when, as well as how it was scanned is given.

These options can be found in any of your folder (Listings, Transactions, and client files)