Saving Editable Forms

Never lose your work in progress by saving an editable form.


1. On the top left-hand side of your screen while filling out your Click on Save Editable Form.


You can re-save editable forms as many times as you need. It will be saved in your “In Progress” section until it is saved in file.

2. After Saving your form as editable form you will find this form in your “In Progress” section.

3. If you have completed filling out your form and wish to save as a PDF you can do so by clicking “Save to File”


4. This will take you back to your Documents Section


5. Locate the form that saved as PDF in your “Completed” section.


6. It is always prudent to save your documents when modifying them. However, an auto-save is triggered every three minutes if the document was saved at least once by the user.


You can see when it was last saved automatically at the top right hand side of the Editable form section.