Transaction Viewer for Agents

New Feature: Enhanced Search Functionality

This new feature allows you to search by date, transaction type, status, and we have even included a shared section. This means that all clients and transactions shared with you can now be filtered, providing faster results.




The transaction viewer is available for all users for 30 days upon signing in. After this time, it will only be accessible for Premium and Premium Plus plan users. If you’d like to continue with this feature you will need to upgrade your plan.

Search & Filter

How to Search:

In the search bar, enter the information and choose your specified field, then click 'Search'.

  • By Address

  • By Agent

  • By Transaction

  • By Client Name


How to Filter:

  • By Date
    You can choose to search by:

    • Date Created

    • List Expiry

    • Firm Date

    • Close date
      + Search

  • By Transaction Type

    • Any

    • Listing

    • Transaction
      If you have NexOne Labs enabled you will also have the ability to choose from:

    • Tenant

    • Landlord

    • Referral

    • Double-Ender

    • Multiple Ends

  • By Status
    You can choose from the following or clear all status fields

    • Active

    • Pending

    • Sold

    • Closed / Paid Out

    • Collapsed

    • Expired / Terminated

    • Unspecified

  • By Shared
    This section fulfills one of the most requested features. Agents can now effortlessly search through all transactions shared with them by colleagues.



The export feature enables you to download an Excel version of your filtered search results.

You can locate the Excel file in your computer's downloads folder.



The columns section allows you to customize and organize your data display with up to 6 columns according to your preferences.


Add Transaction

You can add transactions directly from the Transaction Viewer page. Link to an existing client or add a new client, and include the transaction name, type, and status.

The transaction will be automatically displayed in both your Transaction Viewer list and on your home page.

→ If any filters or keywords are entered in the search field, make sure to clear them to view your new transaction.

→ If you create a transaction from the Transaction Viewer page, you won't be able to attach documents directly unless you have a submission plan in your account. To add forms and documents, you'll need to open the transaction from the main home page.

If you have any questions about this new features, please contact our customer service team by emailing or calling us at 1-877-699-0255.