EnviroMint Integration

NexOne’s newest partner

EnviroMint is a Canadian deal conveyancing platform for processing your real estate transactions. Their transaction, document, and business management software greatly reduces the ineffective, and inefficiency of duplicate data entry saving you time, and manpower.


Integration Highlights

  • Reduces data-entry duplication by agents and admins.

  • Ability to submit transaction data and documents to the back office.

  • Sync transaction status between NexOne and EnviroMint. (Not available yet)

  • Auto-lock on transaction files to prevent accidental changes.


This new partnership with EnviroMint is meant to streamline your deal management between realtors and office staff. Agents will still have the ability to add documents in NexOne, for either listings or sales, even after their files have been sent to the back office. Admins can then validate each document received under the report section of the EnviroMint program and update the transaction information. Automatic sync enabled towards EnviroMint to efficiently update deals for both realtors and office staff.



For more information on how you can get started with EnviroMint contact our sales team at support.agent@nexone.ca or call us 1-877-699-0255