Files and Documents

A. Why is one of my files not found on NEXONE?
There are 3 reasons that can explain a file not being found:
  1. All the statuses were not selected. Make sure to have selected at the top right of the page then click  at the bottom right of the page.
  2. The listing was just broker loaded. The transfer to our system is not immediate, it can take a few hours between the time that the listing is active and the time that we receive it as active from the board (or Centris®).
  3. The listing was broker loaded and then sold or cancelled on the same day, we will not receive it from the board (or Centris®).

Tip Tip: Make sure to choose all statuses when searching for a file.
B. How can I submit documents to my brokerage?
First, make sure your transaction status is not set to kit, if this is the case, you will need to change the status in the profile by clicking Editat the top right corner. Then, in the Documents tab, click the check box to the right of each document.

Tip Tip: When uploading your document, make sure to choose the type of document before submitting it to your agency.
C. Why don't I see the document(s) I have added?
There are two reasons that can explain this situation:
  1. Some document types may be assigned to a specific side only: listing or selling side. It’s your brokerage that decides which document type is assigned to which side. If you added a document and can't see it, you should make sure that you represent the appropriate side of the deal or contact your office to verify and apply any changes if needed.
  2. When there are two agents from the same brokerage involved in the same transaction, documents added by agent(s) will be defaulted to the security level: Authorized agent and office personnel. If another agent involve in the deal wants to see these documents, the agent who uploaded the document, or the office staff, will need to change the Security Level to: Brokerage agents and authorized personnel.

Tip Tip: When adding your transaction, be sure to add any brokers that are involved in the file by assigning them to the appropriate side.