Simple (Full) Sharing vs Advanced Sharing

Full Sharing

Full sharing allows all members of the organization to see the other member's client/transaction and accompanying documents. This setting can be configured at the office and team level. For brokerages that require full sharing, please contact

Advanced Sharing

Allows brokerages/offices/teams to share specific clients and transactions selectively. A user can choose to share his clients or transactions with members of their org unit where they would need to explicitly define who can see the clients and for how long.

  1. Select the Client

  2. Pick the Transaction that you want to share

  3. Click on “Sharing”

4. Select the “Share with User” drop-down menu

5. Pick the Agent you want to share the client with

6. Select the time to be shared

7. Click on “Share”

8. You can edit the Agent or delete the Shared client here

9. Click on “View All Sharing”

Now you can see the Sharing Summary