Emailing Documents from NexOne Agent

You can send documents as e-mails through the NexOne Agent platform.

  1. Pick Your client.

2. Select your transaction.

3. Click on “Email”.

4. The email address that will be displayed in the FROM field is the address that is currently linked to your account.

The email address displayed in the FROM field cannot be modified from the email section. You can modify it by changing the email linked to your account in your profile section.

5. You can type in your client's email address.

6. Or you can select it from your contact list.

7. If anyone else needs to be notified of any email reception, you can add them as CC.

The steps to add a contact to the CC field are the same as the ones when adding your client/agent.

8. Type Any Subject that you wish for your client or your agent.

9. Fill the Message field with any details and information required.

10. Drag and drop Documents as you need from the Transaction Document List to the Documents for Signing List.

11. Now you can send your Email.