Introducing NexOne Sign Message Template

Introducing NexOne Sign Message Template

Great news! You now have the ability to save your custom messages sent with the signing session email.

Improve communications to your signers by building & saving multiple templates. Include “merged” fields to add a personal feel to your signing sessions. Easily select your custom templates when creating your signing sessions.

Feature Highlights

  1. Create custom templates

  2. Insert “merged” fields for a personal touch

  3. Preview template

Find out how to setup your first template by following the link here:

(NexOne Agent)

(NexOne Legacy)

(NexOne Office)

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1.877.699.0255 or send an email to

For NexOne Agent =

For NexOne Legacy =

For NexOne Office =

Thank you,

The NexOne Team