Signing sessions via SMS

In a rush to send out your signing sessions? Clients would prefer to sign their documents via SMS instead of email? This option is now available with NexOne Sign.


Be advised that option will only be available if the initial signing session has already been created and sent out by email. The SMS option is a backup only.

Available for pending signers only.
The SMS option is only available as a resend.

Follow the steps below to send out a signing session through your NexOne Sign dashboard.

1.Click on view in your “Documents for electronic signing

2.Click on Edit Signers & Documents

3. To send out an SMS

1.Click on the pencil
2. Add a cellphone number
3. Click “Send SMS”


Clients will receive the same version by phone as they would by email.

They have the option to download the signed documents on their phone. If they forgo this step, they will receive a copy regardless by email.