My Client doesn't receive Nexone generated Emails!

Where are the emails I have sent out through Nexone?

Due to the nature of firewalls, blacklists and other spam blocking services and tools, it is possible that your emails may end up in the clients junk/spam folder. There are some cases where mail being sent to a Gmail account will end up in the Promotions Folder, and e-mail's to a Hotmail account are being placed in the Junk Folder. 

Gmail | Hotmail 

*A quick search for Nexone in each mailing systems will bring up the documents. 

What can I do to ensure that mail is being received in the correct place?

Positive interaction with our e-mail's can initiate the mailing system to follow the client's pattern with our email's. 

- Encourage the client to move the email's sent by Nexone to the right inbox. 

Gmail | Hotmail 

- Advise your clients to add Nexone ( to their safe senders list, and/or contact list. 

Add to Contacts (Gmail) | Add as a Safe Sender (Hotmail)

The email is not in the Junk/Spam or Promotions folder!

In this scenario, mailing systems such as Hotmail have extensive filters. Please refer the client to add  as a safe sender in order for the emails to get through! Rest assured we are always working to increase the deliver-ability of our emails. 

For Shaw Users, you are able to add as a Trusted Address: 
1. Preferences 


2. Click Trusted Addresses 


3. Type in "" and click add 


4. You have now added us as a Trusted Address, which should speed up the processing time to receive our emails! 


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