Admins: An agent just joined our Brokerage but not showing up yet

There can be 3 possible reasons why your Agent is not appearing under the Agent list when you have checked All Statuses:


Possible Reason #1:

When an Agent joins your Brokerage, they may not show up under your Agent List right away. When an Agent registers to your Brokerage at the Board Level, it may take up to 2-5 business days for the Board to process this on their end.

Nexone will receive the Board Feed which will push that Agent’s Information over to Nexone once the Board has processes the information.


Possible Reason #2(Doesn’t apply for Quebec Brokerages):

If your Agent is registered as a Dual Member (meaning the agent belongs to multiple Boards), you will have to email in to so we can create a rule for this Agent to move over to one of your Brokerages active offices.


The Information we that will be required from you in order for us to create a Rule is:

  1. Agent First name & Last Name

  2. Agent ID

  3. Office ID to Move From (if you know)

  4. Office ID to Move To

  5. Board of the Current Office (the Board Agent needs to be moved from)


Possible Reason #3:

If your Agent used to show up but now all of a sudden does not appear, you may have to call the Board to check the status of an Agent. The most common reason why this happens is due to nonpayment to the Board.

If the status of the Agent is not active on the Board, the Board feed will update and will remove the Office ID from the Agents profile.


For any questions, please contact our support team at