Create a Checklist of Tasks in Activities

How to create an activity checklist, using the activity tab in repree:


  • Click on the activities tab

  • Click on activity plan builder

  • Click on create plan template

  • Fill in the information


  • Click Create


  • Your new template will appear, You can edit the information by clicking on the edit pencil

  • Add new activities by clicking on the add activity button

  • Fill in the information and click create, And like that you will have all the activities that you need


  • We need to associate this template with a client


  • Select the client you would like to add, And select the plan


  • After you have selected the plan, click on Link to activity and then Add Plan


  • To Find this Activity , Go back to Home


  • Select the client, select the transaction and click on submit

  • And here you can find the activity you created

  • And this is how you use your activities tab to create your checklists for your clients