Managing Your Activities

We know how crucial clearly organizing your daily activities is to your success. In this repree video tutorial Mel walks you through how to sort and filter your activities with activity groups.

  • Filter by activity groups by selecting the group in the list following 'Group by:'
  • You can group by Date, Status, Assignee, Transaction or Client Name
  • This will help you keep track of upcoming activities that need to be completed before a deal can be finalized.
  • Click the 'Group by:' filters and a colour coded system will let you know the status of the activity.
  • Task with a green bar along the left side are coming up. Orange tasks are due on that current date. Red is an overdue task.
  • To stay even more on task you can turn on the Daily Digest feature. Receive email updates of your activities. Located below 'Activity Plan Builder' button on the lower left-hand corner, simply switch the daily digest from OFF to ON.


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