Creating Submission Activities From Conditions

Submit conditions as activities to stay organized!

  1. First, select the Client 

  2. Select the transaction where conditions are being added to.

  3. Then click the info Button.

  1. Next, open the Trade Record

  2. Expand the Conditions section

  3. Click Add conditions.

 This will produce a new dialog box.

  1. You can then choose to have a due date

  2. Or removal date for that condition. 

  3. Type in the condition added to the transaction

  4. Select Create activity

  5. This will produce additional options where you can choose to have a reviewer, ensure that documents are required or if this is an optional activity

  6. Once all the condition details have been set, click Save Condition

A. If an activity is required for review,  select "Review Required"

B. An additional dialog box will appear

C. You can then select the reviewer(s) for this activity

D. Hit "Set Reviewers"

  1. The condition will now appear in the trade record under conditions, with the condition details.

Activities Manager

  1. The activity is now created which will appear in your Activities Manager as well as under the Transaction Submissions (if applicable)