Invite an agent to your brokerage

When a new agent joins your brokerage, most of the time you won’t need to manually create an account. NexOne automatically creates an account for the agent using the information we receive from the board!

You can follow these steps in order to find and activate a new agent’s account:

  1. When logged in to your admin account, go to the Agents tab and search for the agent using the search filters

It is important to select the filter “All statuses” before lunching the search, the new agents will have the ‘'Imported’' or ‘'Pending,’'status.

2. When you find the agent’s account, click on the name to open the account profile and click on “Activate agent” in the right menu.


3. Verify the email address that displays and if it’s correct, click on send.


4. An email containing information to activate the account will be sent to the agent and he/she will be able to complete the activation of the account.


These steps are valid if the status of the account is “Imported” or “Pending
For the “Cancelled” status, you will need to contact NexOne support to have the account activated.