Reviewing a Listing/Deal File.

Follow the instructions below on how an admin reviews a file submitted by an agent.

A transaction will be available to be reviewed only after an agent has submitted an activity.


  1. Navigate to Transaction Viewer and Select your Transaction. Recently submitted transactions will appear at the top. Review your search criteria if you can’t find the transaction. i.e. Status


  2. In the Transaction File, you can review the Trade Record. Any updates made here will be reflected in the agent’s trade record. This is a 2-way document


  3. When reviewing, it is recommended that you lock your agents. This will prevent them from making any further updates without your knowledge.


  4. Once you have finalize your review, you can generate a PDF copy of the Trade Record to be signed by your agents and/or Broker of Record.


  5. Navigate to the Activities section to see any pending or completed activities.


  6. You can also Accept/Reject activities here


  7. Documents from completed activities are stored under your Brokerage Document list. Agent’s do not have access to this list. You can also upload any related documents to the transaction here.


  8. Once the Trade Sheet has been reviewed, you can utilize NexOneSign directly from this screen by clicking Sign and have the Trade sheet signed.


  9. When the transaction closes, change the status to Closed/Paid out. It is recommend to cancel any open activities/conditions when you receive the prompt to prevent unnecessary notifications. Enter any additional information, and Archive the transaction.


You have now successfully reviewed a deal file!