Edit your Brokerage Members Accounts


As the Back Office, you have ability to configure your members accounts. Follow the instructions below on how to do so:

  1. Navigate to 

  2. Enter the  section

  3. For each agent, under the column, click .

Change their plan
Set the plan for your brokerage members by clicking into the Plan field. A drop down list will display all available plans. You are able to set more than one plan to an agent's account. For example: Premium Plus + Submissions

Change their role
Change the role of your members according to their role in your brokerage. Broker of Record or Owners of the Brokerage are set as Owner. Administrators are usually set as Transaction Managers, but a head admin with a larger role and responsibility can be set as a Delegate. Agents are set to a User role.

Change their Org Unit
With the ability to create teams and offices, it is important that your team members are under the appropriate Org Unit. Expand the drop down list to see the selection of teams and/or offices under the main brokerage.

Filter by label

There are no items with the selected labels at this time.