Brokerage Settings

  1. Click "My Brokerage" to update your Brokerage Settings in this area.

2. Here is an overview of your settings. Click the (x) on the top right corner to go back to your Home Page.

Below you will find specific descriptions of your settings.


On some devices, it is a bit difficult to draw out a signature. Enable this setting for your signers to have the ability to choose a "fonted signature" signature.

Trade Record

The Tax Rate defaults to the rate from your province, but it is a setting that should be double checked!

Set the Label for "Trade Record" to a preferred language for your brokerage

Submission Activities

Set the configuration for activities added outside of the Activity Plan Builder when using the Add Activity button.This means activities added through the Activity Manager “Add Activity” or the Submissions section under the Transaction “Add activity +” Icon.

As the admin, enable "Require Documents" to set that the manually added activities will require documents to be attached. You can also enable the setting that a manually added activity will require a reviewer. If you have "Require Review" enabled, select your default reviewers from the drop down list. This can include the admin, broker, or a review group if it was setup.


There are some instances where secretaries may type out offers for agents, or if agent A is on vacation and would like agent B to handle their transactions. In this scenario, then they can use Advanced Sharing to give their org unit member access to a particular client/transaction for a set time.

Daily Digest

The Daily Digest is a summary of activity with their status emailed to your account at 8:00 am MDT. This is a great organizational tool that acts as a notification without saturating your inbox full of notification emails! If you wish to have the daily digest mandatory for the members of your organization to receive, "Enable Daily Digest for all users".

There is an added check to ensure your members are up to date with the activities assigned and that is to restrict members from turning off the daily digest mail by enabling "Do not allow users to disable the Daily Digest"