How to Create Email Template for Signature Requests

You can now create your own email template for the signature requests sent to your clients!

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-Step Guide:

To create your template, create a signing session or open an existing one and open the settings


Click on Create a New Template



Edit the title of your template, the subject and the message, you can use the tags to insert information from your file in the message or subject by clicking on the buttons of the data you wish to insert.

Check the ‘'Set as Default’' box to have your template configured as the default message to be sent for new signature requests.

You can send yourself a preview of your new email template by clicking on ‘'Send Preview’' and click on ‘'Save Template’' to save your template. Click on ‘'Delete Template’' to erase it.

This will now be the message your clients will receive when sending a signature request.


When creating signing sessions, you will have the ability to choose in your templates which one you would like to send, you can also click on Edit Templates to go back and edit your templates.