Populating Forms by MLS ID

When filling out forms in NexOne, you are able to populate forms using the MLS ID after the listing has been broker loaded with the Board. With over 30 board relationships, this feature reduces the time to populate forms.

In order for NexOne to start receiving your listing data, there is an agreement in place with the Board and the Brokerage for access to this data. See the below for answers to frequently asked questions.


  1. NexOne does not have a service agreement with the Brokerage & Board to receive the listing

  2. The Listing is not active, or has not been broker loaded

  3. If all of the above are satisfied, please contact noa.support@nexone.ca

Your brokerage will need to sign an agreement with your board to provide NexOne with the data. The recommendation is to contact the board, or provide us the best contact with your board to set this up.

The brokerage will need to be active in NexOne and would have an agreement signed to share the data. Otherwise the board would need to open permission for users to access all board listing data.

Contact support at noa.support@nexone.ca or give us a call at 1.877.699.0255.

Contact support at noa.support@nexone.ca or give us a call at 1.877.699.0255 with all the details regarding your request.


When entering an MLS number to populate data, make sure to enter the information exactly as shown. (Example: E1234567)