Clauses and Phrases

Note: To expand the video, hover over the clip, and click the button on the top right corner of the frame.

To access the clauses and phrases builder, click on the Clauses and Phrases button in a Form. You can also create and add your own clauses!

Search for Clauses or Phrases

To Search for Clauses and/or Phrases
1) Click the search bar to produce a drop down list of keywords, selecting the keywords will show relevant Clauses or Phrase, or
2) Type in keywords relevant to the desired Clause or Phrase

Inserting Clauses & Phrases

To insert a Clause or Phrase
1) Select the desired Clause or Phrase
2) Click Insert to move the clause to the Text Area
3) Click Insert into Form to populate the selected field

Saving Custom or High Usage Clauses or Phrases

If you have a custom clause/phrase of your own or you have clauses/phrases you are using regularly, saving clauses can save you some time!
1) Either insert a standard clause into the text are or type in the text area.
2) Click Save to My Clauses > Fill out an appropriate name > and choose an appropriate category (keyword tags) > click save
3) You can save your clause under a new category. Simply fill out your desired category name in the category field and click create new.
4) View your custom clause under My Clauses

Sharing your Brokerage/Team Clauses

1) Fill in your Brokerage Clauses in the Text Area by inserting the Standard clauses available in repree, or write in your own custom clause!
2) Click "Save to My Clauses"

3) Fill in all desired information and check off, "Share with your Brokerage".
4) Click Save

5) Click on the Brokerage Clauses tab to see the clauses shared with your brokerage!

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