Update to the Compound Form

You will need to replace your older form with a compound form in your existing form group only if the form group contains a form from the list of forms below:

List of Compound Forms:

  • OREA: Form 100 - 103, 110 - 111, 115, 145, 150, 400, 500 - 502
  • TREB: Form 290 - 292, 295, 296, 590, 592
  • ORTIS: Residential & Commercial Input Form
  • OREB: Residential Lease
  • BREB: All Breb Forms
  • Residential Tenancy Agreement (Standard Form of Lease)

Note: If you have preset values saved in the older form, this will need to be manually copied over to the compound form

Follow the instructions below to update to the Compound Form.

Add the Compound Form:

1. Enter All Forms
2. Select the Compound Form noted by the description.
3. Click Create  / Add to Group

4. Check off the Form Group you wish to add the compound form to
5. Click Add.

Removing the Older Version:

1. Enter your Forms Library and select the My Groups tab
2. Select the form group you are going to update
3. Click Edit Group

4. Click the (x) button

5. Confirm removal by clicking the Remove button

Since the compound form is comprised of it's sub-forms, the side bar will indicate as such, but converts into one Editable or PDF form.