Compound Forms

What is a Compound Form?

Repree by NexOne released 'Compound forms' to address the scenario where one form is comprised of two forms. As an example, take the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Although it appears to be one PDF file, the APS is really two documents (APS and Schedule). The outcome being that some pages had initial sections where they weren’t required. Compound forms fixes that scenario and allows greater flexibility in determining which pages require initials.

What does this mean for You?

Not much right now unless you utilize form groups. Your process of selecting a form and filling it out is identical. However, you may have noticed two versions of a form in the form list -- one will be the older version, and the other (labeled "compound form" in the description) will be the latest and greatest. Updates to the older version is halted, and the forms will be archived. Please use the time in between to replace the old form with the Compound Form within you form groups.

Note: Click the link below to access instructions on replacing the old form.

Update to the Compound Form

You can check to see if your existing form groups contain any of the affected forms below:

List of Compound Forms:

  • OREA: Form 100 - 103, 110 - 111, 115, 145, 150, 400, 500 - 502
  • TREB: Form 290 - 292, 295, 296, 590, 592
  • ORTIS: Residential & Commercial Input Form
  • OREB: Residential Lease
  • BREB: All Breb Forms
  • Residential Tenancy Agreement (Standard Form of Lease)