Getting Started with Forms

Searching & Selecting Forms

Search by keywords, by selecting tags or alphabetically from a list of all forms.

  1. You can Search for the different Types of form categories associated to your board by Clicking on the Search Forms and Categories search bar. You can also Add your own search terms in the search bar as shown below.


2. You can Sort out your forms by Alphabetical order by Recently used forms or by Most used forms.

3. After Selecting your form, you will have your selected form list at the top left of your screen.

4. If you would like to View the form before populating it , you can do so by Clicking on the Eye icon located to the left of the form name.

5. You will get a Preview of the selected form.

6. You will have the option to populate, create/add to group or download/print the selected forms.

Filling Out Forms

Fill out forms with repree's dynamic forms.

  1. After selecting the form that you want to populate, Click on the Populate option located to the left of the form search bar.

2. You can either Populate with data, Search for the Property or Continue without Data.

You can populate with data by adding the Listing MLS number or its PIN. Then click on the Populate with Data option.

3. After choosing any of the options above, you will be redirected to the Form Filling section.

Saving Forms

  1. Fill out the full legal names of all Buyers in the blank.

  2. Click on “Save PDF to Transaction”.

3. Pick your client.

4. Select a Transaction.

5. Check the box.

7. Now you can click on “Save PDFs”.