Multi-Selecting Documents

The multi-selecting documents functionality will allow you to select several documents at a time, then several options are available to you.

  1. Pick Your Client.

  2. Select your Transaction.

  3. Select your Documents.

Clicking on the file will highlight the document in green indicating it has been selected.

4. Once your documents are selected, different options will become available to you.

Listed below is a brief explanation.


  1. Pick your Client.

  2. Select Your Transaction.

  3. Select the file or files.

  4. Click on “Label”.

5. Type the label name if you wish to add a new label.

6. Press Enter and now you are able to see the Label.


  1. Click On “Rename”.

2. Assign new names to your documents.

3. Click on “Rename”.


  1. Click on “Download”.


  1. After selecting your files, Click on “Archive”.

2. You can also unarchive files, selecting your hidden documents and clicking on the “Unarchive” option.


  1. Click on “Delete”.

2. Click on “Delete” to Confirm.