5 Minute Back Office Activities Walkthrough for Agents

Navigate to your submission section by first selecting the client and the transaction, and then click the submit button

To provide some contacts, an activity plan is a list of activities required by your brokerage in order for you to complete that transaction. To add a plan click add plan on top or add a submission plan to get started

A new window will display, showing the list of plans created by your brokerage, depending on the transaction type, select the plan to display the list of activities required

once you selected your plan, select the start date, the due dates for each activity within the plan will be based on that start date, then hit add plan

The activities for that plan will not be displayed, in this case your broker will require you to submit documents

To attach a document to an activity, click on a document, then drag and drop on the activity. To delete a document, click on Edit activity and then delete.

Once you are ready to submit, Select the activity then click the submit button and your activity will be submitted.

To send your activities to your back office, click on submit button, then submit activities.

To delete an activity, Go to activities, choose the right transaction, and click on the X button

Once your transaction manager have the chance to see those activities, they will either accept them or reject them, with instruction on correction, the notification bar will display reviewed activities. If you had missing documents in an activity, you just have to drag and drop the documents to the activity.

Completed activities won’t show in the activities bar unless you take off the checkmark from (only show incomplete)